So, we bought a car. A 16 year-old second hand car. We are driving home in it right now. I am in ecstasy and I have to post because probably only you lot will understand (as usual). This is the first thing in my *life* that I have saved up for. We paid cash. Our money. No cards no overdraft no hand out. I’ve never saved money before because I drank every spare bit I had. We’re still both in pretty bad debt, but we pay up every month. And now we have some spare to buy actual *things*. I’m heading into my mid-40s so I’ll probably never get to own a house but I feel such complete gratitude that today we have our very own (bottle) green metallic wheels. Wheeeee!!!


18 months


So here we are now, 18 months down the straight and narrow line. My silver ‘chip’ collection (self awarded) now comprises a half crown, a silver penny and a number 18 key charm.


I don’t feel especially elated, but I am very proud and happy. I spent this morning texting a sober friend who has the wobbles, and we will meet for lunch tomorrow: my turn to be the strong one. I love my sober brothers and sisters and would be nothing without them.

My gift to myself, besides the silver for my tiny trophy cabinet, was a pile of books. It might seem strange to buy ‘how to’ books this far on in the game but for me keeping sobriety present, as one of the main pillars of my life, is the most important thing. If discovering the blogs has taught me anything it is that it’s never too late for more advice.