18 months


So here we are now, 18 months down the straight and narrow line. My silver ‘chip’ collection (self awarded) now comprises a half crown, a silver penny and a number 18 key charm.


I don’t feel especially elated, but I am very proud and happy. I spent this morning texting a sober friend who has the wobbles, and we will meet for lunch tomorrow: my turn to be the strong one. I love my sober brothers and sisters and would be nothing without them.

My gift to myself, besides the silver for my tiny trophy cabinet, was a pile of books. It might seem strange to buy ‘how to’ books this far on in the game but for me keeping sobriety present, as one of the main pillars of my life, is the most important thing. If discovering the blogs has taught me anything it is that it’s never too late for more advice.


7 thoughts on “18 months

  1. brilliant on 18 months and love your personal chip collection! you have just inspired me to spend a good 15 minutes on Etsy looking for something suitable to reward myself at 100 days. Unfortunately all I could find was a silver charm which read ‘100% DIVORCED’ which isn’t quite the vibe I was going for 😉

    I’ve also bought a couple of the above books in the last week and have been inhaling them. Might be time for a second read through with highlighter pen in hand. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts!

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