The sugar monster strikes again


The sugar monster.

Just read back over this  brilliant post from the soberjournalist and also note the very insightful comments. The great thing about these blogs is that they consistently stop you feeling alone and like a loser freak. The sugar monster is real! My weight has crept up and up since I stopped drinking 17 months ago. I am totally hooked on caffeine, sugar and bread as emotional crutches to the point where 8 shots of coffee and 2 or 3 sweet treats a day has become quite normal.

So I am going to give up coffee, refined sugar and bread/cake things on Jan 10th (when I get back from the in-laws. They already have to cope with me not drinking or eating meat. And did I mention they’re Scottish?)

It’s absolutely a sobriety thing. I’m dreading it but it’s got to be done, it will be done. I have some trepidation about where the whack a mole of my addictions/crazy will pop up next but whatever, these thighs cannot stand. 


2 thoughts on “The sugar monster strikes again

  1. snorting at the Scottish in-laws 🙂 I’m right with you on this one and that is a great post from soberjournalist with fantastic comments. I’m similarly struggling with a rapid weight gain and will have to address it soon before it really makes me miserable which is THE most likely thing to make me drink .

    I mostly pick at naughty stuff in the evening which is exactly when I used to drink. Perhaps I need to find something to occupy my hands. I could always take up crochet, I suppose. But then life really wouldn’t be worth living 😉

    • I want to find something other than work or study to do, I am thinking maybe meditation or an art class would do me good. Probably I need to learn to not hate the gym, but that’s a tricky one!

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